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Chris Carter

Thanks for information Erik. Sounds like everything worked as it should, but nice to see verification of it in writing from a source I trust.


Very nice article Erik! Do you think NP SAN PortChannel is also possible with a Brocade upstream switch?

Erik Smith

Thanks! No, I don't believe an NP Port-Channel would work with a Brocade upstream switch. That having been said I haven't actually tried it...

Erik Smith

Errata: I'm not sure why (yet) but while I was configuring this recently on a new 5596, I needed to add force when adding the channel-group to a set of interfaces.

The exact issue is in the "SAN Port Channel 200 (Spo200)" section. Under the steps for configuring 5548-2, the line "channel-group 200" should be "channel-group 200 force".


Excellent post.

On N5k side, do you have to configure the switch to either NPV mode of FC-SW mode? There by restricting the switch to either act as a SAN switch or a traditional ethernet switch?

I am wondering if one switch can be used for both your storage traffic and Ethernet traffic.

Erik Smith

Hi Kumar, Thanks!

You can use either NPV mode or FC-SW mode to support FCoE. Non-FCoE traffic will work the same in either of these modes.

On UCS, I believe there is also a feature that allows you to put the non-FCoE side of the Ethernet switch into either an NPV mode or a switch mode...

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