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Hi Erik,
excellent and very handy Plattform to see very fast what works.

Erik Smith


Otto le Roux

Awesome work, thanks mate. This is going to be very useful.

Jerry Liu

Hi, Erik,

Does Brocade DCX support AG mode?


Erik Smith

Hi Jerry, apologies for the delayed response, somehow I missed your comment.

No they don't support AG mode on the DCX. If you try to do this you will get the following error message.

DCSwitch:admin> ag --modeenable
Access Gateway mode is not supported on this platform

Shanon R Lawton

Erik, is eLab testing the Nexus 7K and MDS FCoE line cards as well?

Erik Smith

Hi Shanon, yes we're in the process of testing FCoE on N7K now. We were due to release support for it in the October ESM but we ran into an issue that prevented us from completing testing by the ESM (EMC Support Matrix) cut-off date.

The problem turned out to be relatively minor and I hope to provide a post next week that will describe the issue.

In November we're planning to add an N7k case study to the FCoE tech book and I'll be updating my "supported FCoE Topologies" blog post at the same time.


Hi Erik, nice share. very usefull post.

it could be more helpfull if u would to show me the configuration FCoE at nexus 5000 connect to UCS via Nexus 2000. im confused where i should bind my vfc interface, i already bind at nexus 2000 interface eth101/1/1 but my ucs pwwwn doesnt show at flogi database.

im very thankfull if u response my questions.



Hi Dika, apologies for the delayed response, I received a burst of spam comments about the same time as yours and I didn't notice your comment until just now.

We did put together a UCS specific case study, but I'm not sure it included the Nexus 2k. Take a look at the following and if you don't find what you need let me know. http://www.emc.com/collateral/hardware/technical-documentation/h10524-fcoe-case-studies-tb.pdf

John Law

Hi, Erik, does Cisco 4001i support direct attached with native FCoE storage? That means Nexus 5000 series switches did not required between 4001i and FCoE storage.


Hi John, unfortunately no. The 4001i must be connected to a Nexus 5k in order for the FCoE virtual links to be formed.

Regards, Erik

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