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Hi Erik, thanks for linking these documents, they're really interesting.

I was reading through the Nexus information on the case studies and I think it'll be worth it to include the Cisco B22 FEX for HP's blades infrastructure. I haven't had the opportunity to work directly with them but I guess they're similar to the N4K for IBM blades.

Now I have a question that's not entirely related to the document but maybe you know the answer... when you deploy an HP environment with N5K+B22 and blade servers with an 2x embedded CNAs/blade, is the iSCSI acceleration available in the CNA to be used by the OS? (a vSphere5 hypervisor in this case). I'm asking because it looks to me like in order to benefit from the iSCSI acceleration (or FCoE feature) on an HP FlexFabric CNA you need to use VirtualConnects and enable the FlexHBA on the 2nd PF. I know with FCoE there might not be a way around this, but what about iSCSI?... is it possible that the HW acceleration will be available even without the FlexHBA?

BTW, are there EMC documents like there but on iSCSI?


Erik Smith

Thanks Alberto! I checked with our HP Blade Server expert (Aditya) and he pointed out that we haven't qualified the B22 FEX modules yet. As we are doing this work, we'll try and get you a better answer.

In regards to an EMC iSCSI TechBook, I don't know of one..


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