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Roseanne Ouellette

Erik, You never cease to amaze me. Knowing you and many of your mentors made my 15 years at EMC a remarkable and awesome experience. EMC has always had the most devoted and intelligent people in the industry. Although I am now enjoying retirement, I think fondly of my former colleagues, especially you!

Mark De Castro

A true inspiring story of patience, dedication and hardwork. Thanks Erik for sharing! When I was in EMC, you inspired me grow in my career and helped me pushed to produce that 111 page of FCoE Troubleshooting section. :-)

Brian Kling

Outstanding post Erik. You did very well with EMC, and demonstrated true leadership showing anybody that would observe, the "right" way to work. The "old days" sure were fun, and one helluva learning experience.

Many of the lessons from those days are carried with us today. They apply to whatever we are doing today.

Erik Smith

Thanks Roseanne! I frequently wish you were still around to pester with questions but I'm glad you're enjoying retirement!


Erik Smith

Hey Mark! That troubleshooting section was a ton of work and it's still a great resource. I'm glad I was able to help!


Erik Smith

Thanks Brian! Those were some great times. It's hard to believe that the little baby I used to bring into the CST lab is now a Sophomore at Suffolk!


Mark Lippitt

Hey Erik,

That was a fun read. Gratitude is often in short supply. It does you proud. I always enjoyed our time working together. I still recall the day Ed Cote told me there was some guy in Customer Service who was debugging the Conectrix dial home server. Your engineering work in Customer Service was a big part of making Connectrix's first year of business a hockey stick.


Erik Smith

Thanks Mark! I remember that! ...and the long drive up to 228 to meet with you and Erez to make my case for including EMCRemote on the Connectrix service processor. Good times! Connectrix was your baby, I was just happy to be along for the ride! :-)


Well written Erik
Though we have not had a chance to work a lot together at EMC I know we will have a chance to do so with NVMe and NVMf. Good luck to all with Dell | EMC
Amnon Izhar

Mark De Castro

If you need my help to update it, I am always here to rejoin your team :-)

Mugdha Kulkarni

Hello Erik,

This was an inspiring read. You are most hard working person I have know, who is always willing to help with a smile. Kudos!
Working with you was always a pleasure.
I fondly remember our time working together.

All the best with the new chapter of Dell|EMC


Dave O'Donoghue


great article a real trip down memory lane, and looking forward to great things to come.

Dave O'...

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