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Fantastic blog entry as always, Erik. Can you provide any update to the status of TDZ? Is Dell/EMC, Cisco, and Brocade going to (or have they already) embrace it for their FC platforms? When you first blogged about it I got super excited but haven't seen much about it since. I've been leveraging MDS's Smart Zoning feature which certainly helps the config process but it's no TDZ. :-)

Erik Smith

Hi Brett, thanks!

With regards to TDZ. August 6th will mark the 10th anniversary of the day I came up with the idea. Since then, despite beating every bush and using every approach I could think of, the sad fact is none of the Dell EMC storage platforms support the feature (today).

That said Brocade has supported it since FOS 8.0.

Also, I'm watching (with a perverse sense of amusement) the stuff the HPE is doing with SmartSAN (which they've referred to as Target Driven Peer Zoning). It's just nice to know that the idea went somewhere... :-)

I've also heard of a couple of other Flash array vendors that support it but I haven't dug into it much.

I agree Smart Zoning isn't TDZ but it seems to be a step in the right direction and it is available today!

I will post the mother of all blog posts the day that Dell EMC supports the feature, which I still hope will happen at some point.

Regards, Erik

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